Dr. Squatch Fresh Falls Bar Soap

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Revitalize your shower routine with the Dr. Squatch Fresh Falls Bar Soap. This unique bar soap features a refreshingly clean scent of water, birch, and pine, giving you a sensory experience akin to diving into a cool, mountain waterfall. The key advantage of this soap comes from its use of hand-harvested Alaskan Glacier Mineral Clay, known for its exceptional detoxifying properties, making it an exceptional choice for the modern man seeking a superior clean. Reap the benefits of this refreshing bar soap as it purifies your skin and leaves you feeling fresh, clean, and invigorated with each use. Transform your daily routine with the Dr. Squatch Fresh Falls Bar Soap.


  • Fresh Falls scent, evoking water, birch and pine
  • Detoxifying bar with hand-harvested Alaskan Glacier Mineral Clay
  • Provides thorough cleaning and skin refreshment
  • 5oz bar.